The Board of Supervisors governs Conewago Township. Each Supervisor is elected for a six-year term. The Board is responsible for adopting budgets, setting taxes and fees, establishing township operational policies, hiring employees, enacting ordinances, approving subdivisions and land development plans, entering into contracts and agreements and appointing members to the various boards and commissions. The Board of Supervisors has a regular meeting on the second Wednesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. in the township’s meeting room. Other meetings are scheduled and published as needed.


  • Gary Painter, Chairman – Term ends January 2018
  • Mimi Legro, Vice-Chair – Term ends January 2022
  • Randy Braden, Supervisor – Term ends January 2020


  • Beth Graham, Secretary/Asst. Treasurer, Open Records Officer
  • Dolores Kuntz, Treasurer / Asst. Secretary
  • Jon Yost, Solicitor, Yost & Davidson
  • Max Shradley, Engineer, Rettew Associates
  • Cathy Scott, Chairman of Vacancy Board
  • Randy Braden, Emergency Management Coordinator


Minutes are not posted until after they have been approved at a subsequent meeting.